Flower From Lover

Delivering Love in a Box...

Flower From Lover captures the beauty of fresh flowers and french  macarons in delightful boxes! 

Obviously, our macarons don’t last that long (it’s impossible to resist their magical almond aroma), so when you or your loved one savors the last one, keep in mind that your home cookies, candies, or chocolates can proudly take the most coveted spot.

Compared to traditional bouquets, FFL arrangements are less hassle and super easy to take care of. No need to regularly change the water, add flower food, cut the stems, etc. Place your box on the counter, dining table, or office desk and enjoy! 

For those seeking “long term relationship” with your blooms, here are some tips:

1. Keep your box in cool environment and away from direct sunlight. 
2. Our boxes come equipped with a special wet foam that keeps flowers hydrated for up to 7 days and generally they don't need to be watered. But if the room temperature sizzles you should pour a small amount of water on the foam every 2-3 days. 
3. If your arrangement contains certain type of flowers such as hydrangea (always thirsty!) you should sprinkle them every day.
4. You can keep your box in a fridge (preferably bottom shelves) overnight with a closed lid.

We hope you find these tips useful! We wish you to have lots of flowers in your life, especially from lovers! 

Yours truly,

Flower From Lover Team.

P.S.: Easily remove the wilted flowers and voila! Use your clean and elegant box to keep your favorite goodies!